Among the Wildflowers

The house is peaceful.  I adore this time….just me, my thoughts, incense burning, Jackson Browne swooning me in the background.  My spirit feels free, alive, open and spacious.  I feel room to be who I am.  I feel simple. Today I am thankful for a greasy breakfast with a mom friend and my running shoes.

I took in the sun piercing through fall leaves of towering trees as I sat in the parking lot waiting to pick up my little messengers from school.  We then drove straight to a familiar booth, snuggling close and eating fresh made-to-order deli sandwiches.  Their silly giggles mixed with the warmth of a nearby sun-lit window announced another amazing day. Next we adventured through our favorite thrift store…trying on endless possibilities of Halloween costumes.  We chuckled and coined our newest term as we absorbed all the clowns, blood and princesses galore, “That is so Halloweeny!”  We were light on our feet, dancing through the aisles.

“And it was fun…”  another famous quote by my son when he was in first grade. These were the three words he added to the end of every page of his language arts journal.  Brilliance I say.  Shouldn’t the journey be embraced?  Isn’t that a spirit we can carry with us every day?

It seems as if all the deep pain from a tainted year has been suddenly removed from my soul.  Gone…Just like that.  Did I heal?  Did all the counseling kick in… or did the right time just pass by?  Perhaps the triggers have been removed.

I feel truly young again.  I am overjoyed with tenderness and care for myself. Yep, I am a pretty cool soul.

I deserve this peace.  I deserve the inner calm.  I am far from perfect, accepting my humble humanness, yet definitely operating on a higher frequency.  What joy it is to be tuned in to the NOW.  For nine months I have been processing the loss of some extended family members…trying to make sense of rejection.  Nine Months.  It just hit me.  Perhaps I was really birthing a new life of my own?

I know there is much work to be done from here in my own sweet family of four. We must learn to effectively communicate again.  2015-04-04 002

I must admit it feels more like a treasured gift than a chore.  It is some sort of valuable awakening.  Something went horribly wrong this year. However I know somewhere deep inside that we will glide through this growth period, soaring like eagles..rising up.

I recently picked flowers from my neglected summer garden, delivering a wild bouquet of goodness to my dear neighbor.  As we sat on her porch, sharing stories of our daily grind, two eagles flew directly over our path.  We both stopped in pure silence, feeling the depth of the moment.

We belong among the wildflowers, in a place we feel free.


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