You are Beautiful and Free

img_3230As I type this, the Little Messengers are sleeping in…our youngest snuggled in my bed, our teen wrapped in a big white down comforter on top of his bed, his sheets and bedspread still in place.  My heart bulges.  My husband has been working overtime in the city of Seattle, keeping elevators running for holiday shoppers and even rescuing a few from midnight outings.  I appreciate him.

I’m reflecting….wrapped in my fluffy robe, tree lights glowing next to me.  All is quiet.  All is peaceful.  I forced myself to do 30 minutes of yoga this morning..get that winter body moving…not an easy task.  I was gently guided in my living room through a video stream. Isn’t that lovely?  I didn’t have to leave my house or even brush my teeth.  The last thing the instructor said to me was “You are Beautiful…You are Free.”  It left me feeling open and loving, free to choose my next thoughts and actions.

I find the outside world continues to be a place of big concerns and worries.  I fight the urge to react to it all.  I am being bombarded on all sides with fears and opinions.  I choose to be informed, yet disconnect a bit, just enough to move forward and use my gifts right here where I have been planted.

What does it mean to be beautiful?  Beauty to me is something that glows from a person.  It cannot be contained.  Beauty is made up of humility, graciousness, honesty without judgment.  Beauty comes from people who are comfortable enough in their own skin to be themselves while still accepting and appreciating the diversity of others.  Beauty is also strong enough to be unique and different.  Beauty is being open, vulnerable, authentic.

We attended a funeral just yesterday of a dear lady who embodied this glowing beauty. Gene was a dear mother to my friend, and grandmother to my children’s friends, and a true light to us all. Tears streamed down my face during the service.  The tears came from a place of realizing how wonderful and unique each of us can be in this frantic blessed we were to be connected to Gene.  Our families have known each other since our kids were in preschool and the bond is nothing less than a divine appointment.  It is a gift to share our lives, celebrate yearly traditions, even help them say goodbye to loved ones and forge forward together in the new unknown.

What does it mean to be free?  Freedom to me is waking up each day with independence and the ability to choose wellness and clear sound thoughts to start each day.  Freedom is waking up with passion and purpose and finding the courage and light needed to walk through each day with strength and love, hoping to make a positive difference in the world around me, all the while finding peace within.  There are tough times to grow through and rewarding surprises along the way, but they all come from freedom.  We must be present and alert in order to enjoy our freedom.

Well.. now my family is toppling into the living room.  The youngest is hovering over me, correcting my spelling, and the teen is practicing Spanish out loud next to me on his phone app. My husband has arrived home and is starting a fire…and I am fairly sure my peaceful morning is about to turn into a colorful day.

I hope you are able to find your own moments of calm, filter out the noise of this world and take the time today to be Beautiful and Free.